I’ve never considered myself lucky. Fortunate, maybe but never lucky.

Things just happen to fall too perfectly for me to think that it’s anything less than a divine power working in the background. Sure I have had my taste of misfortune but there would always be a reason behind it and not because luck was part of the equation.

I have avoided accidents, failure, and even death! I couldn’t possibly account all that to just being lucky. For me it felt like it was orchestrated that way for me to keep looking forward.

Which it did.

As a kid, I thought too differently.

I have always thought that I was rather lucky. Who wouldn’t? I moved into this new school during grade school and my status (as a kid) sky rocketed in just a few months. The previous school I had was a hell hole and I was so happy to move to a new school. I can’t even believe I was able to last a year on my first school.

It all changed though when I started to do these mini rituals for luck hoping that my life would go 180 and it sure did when I moved to the new school.

A few things that I considered “I was lucky to be/have” were:

  • I was part of the honor roll without me studying as much as a regular student.
  • I was popular and people thought I was cute without even trying.
  • People knew me as both brainy and talented due to my singing ability.
  • I was always on top when it came to competitions.
  • Everybody wanted to be on my friends list (as a kid we used to make them)

I never thought that all those qualities was due to my own prowess as a human being. Nah that thought never crossed my mind! I did so many mini rituals hoping, praying, wishing to be well-liked that I thought that I was just plain lucky to be so fortunate.

I wasn’t. When I reached high school I became a little bit more cynical and less whimsical. Nobody noticed though since I didn’t really changed much but on the inside my thoughts started to change and morphed into so much more.

I started to realize that fairies weren’t real, Santa was a fraud, and luck was simply something we couldn’t rely on as I came close to adulthood.

Although, I couldn’t really remove the whole thing from the equation. There are just so many unexplained fortune that has happened to me that sometimes I do wonder if luck really was real.

I wouldn’t know exactly. I guess, I’d have to do more research to find out.



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