I hate getting sick. I haven’t met anyone yet who actually liked getting sick. I always thought that I was immune to so many common diseases but alas, each year, at least once, I would catch a cold. For no apparent reason.

Well maybe there was a reason. Being unhealthy, haven’t been drinking any Vitamin C induced foods/drinks, weather changes, there’s a lot to factor in, now that I’m sitting down thinking about it.

And I know I am no wonder woman but sometimes I would think that I was untouchable by the plagues of the common cold. All my friends/coworkers would all get them lets say in a span of a week one day and I’ll be there unscathed. Laughing egotistically by myself, judging everyone else’s immune system.

But nooooooo. My immune system decided that it wanted to be different and it would immediately weaken its defenses when no one else has it. Apparently, today was my turn to catch that dreaded thing when everyone have had perfect health for the last month.

I can see everybody pitying me from where I am seated. I am here coughing and sneezing up a storm that I didn’t have yesterday! Oh how the proud has fallen.

I guess part of this is my fault. I have been feeling terrible since last week. My body was telling me to mellow down the last few days but then, the idiot in me, decided not to listen and just go along my merry-stupid way.

I hate getting sick. Like really. I just wished this is just one of those one day head colds kind of deal cause I can not definitely deal with this if it decided to prolong its unwelcome stay.



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