The first time I ever heard that joke, I cracked up. It wasn’t even that funny honestly but to me it was golden! I have a very shallow sense of humor, like really, there was a tumblr post I saw a while back that always cracks me up whenever I hear about it.

Here’s how it goes:

My sense of humor is so warped

            I mean

            I don’t laugh at actual jokes

            I laugh at things like:



Cue uncontrollable laughter…from me. I find the most random things funny and humorous when in reality, I really shouldn’t be laughing about it. I find pain sometimes humorous too, maybe I am a sadist. I find a tinge of pleasure in unpleasant situations. I remember giggling while having one of my molars removed once. The dentist was confused. I also remember not crying a lot during a few loved ones funeral. I was more in a stated of acceptance rather than grievance.

Is it weird for me to see humor in mostly everything? I mean, if it’s healthy, there should be any harm to it, right? But how do you measure that? I mean, I already have a bad habit of being too optimistic and seeing people in a better light than normal people. I rarely bad mouth people and I only do it if they do something tremendously awful to me.

So having a weird sense of humor should be something expected for someone like me, right?

Like I said, I’ve always been a little different. People see me weird and I already accepted that I was.

Quick transition—today my colleagues are talking about the office downstairs. One of our colleagues recently quit and moved to work at the office below us and she’s been there less than a week and everybody had been planning on following her footsteps. I have heard nothing but good things about that place and honestly, I don’t want to take my chances by quitting. I mean, I am perfectly fine and able where I am right now. I like my current job. It makes me do things I like doing, I get to talk and interact with people and I’ve met so much people working here that I can’t imagine myself being anywhere else.

I have to think of myself in a higher position financially though. I have to at least do something more that I could get more money since my responsibilities would change soon. I am trying to look at it optimistically. Less people in the workplace: means more promotions. Crossing my fingers that it does happen.

It looks a little bleak since our workspace is pretty small and not a lot of people get promoted but I am being optimistic even if I’ve been stuck doing the same thing for three years.

Back to regular topic—as I was saying about my sense of humor, it’s a little different from most. A sample of a real life exchange as follow:

At a Jamba juice place.

Me: Here’s your order A. You asked for zinc and an antioxidant boost, right?

A: Yeah.

Started drinking the juice. Suddenly A grips her chair and started shaking.

A: OMG! I can feel the antioxidant kicking in.

As I typed that, I can feel my chest heave up and down controlling the laughter. The first time it happened, I laughed the whole afternoon. Just remembering it made me chuckle uncontrollably and I can seriously admit that it wasn’t even that funny. Some people think I’m way too happy go lucky but in all honesty, I think I just have a few loose screws.


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