M is for Mondays… Men… and Many.

Meaning that in a lifetime there would be many Mondays and there would also be a many men. What do both have in common?

Good question!

I think both have the similarities of being limitless.

I mean think about it, you can die tomorrow and Mondays would still be a thing 300 years from now, same goes with men… if one leaves, one would come along right after. Right? RIGHT?!

It’s not like there would come a day that Mondays would just cease to exist, kinda like it’s impossible for a whole population of men to just get wiped out and let their female counterparts take over. Those things only happen in anime, or some feminazi’s imagination. LOL!

Moving on, I guess that there would always be people who would have such a distaste for Mondays. Some women (sometimes men too) have a distaste for men. They avoid it, whine about it, be grumpy when it comes along, or just plain hate it.

Maybe one Monday came along and it was just so awful that it ruined your whole week. That being said, you’ve been traumatized that all Mondays, (if you’re not careful enough when it comes along) would be the same way.

Now change Monday’s to men in the last paragraph and you’ll notice that it works.

I can think of so many reasons why this happens, I mean seriously, it’s not rocket science when people start hating on something. Some hate can be justified, some not. I always think that everything is a matter of perception.

And I have gone through a few of them to perceive that Mondays and men can be a little too tad similar.

More on this soon.


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