Honestly, I don’t know.

The other day, a work friend and I were talking about a new word I just learned: APATHETIC.

I just found the word so amusingly appropriate for me that it stuck to me the whole day. I was currently going through a turmoil of feelings about an old flame/colleague who recently got promoted and I was just being bitter/petty about seeing his name and remembering him in total.

I kept telling people that I was Pathetically Apathetic, since it just sounded so chic. Nobody questioned my odd behavior since I have always been a little weird, so moi randomly spouting words out of context was a norm in our office. Plus no one knew that I was a little peeved about this guy since we were both hush hush (more to this on later posts).

So back to me being pathetically apathetic, I just loved how it sounded and how perfectly it suited me. I then started to search for it (yes, during work hours) on good’ol Bing! (Company preferred browser we should use lol) and suddenly this random a** post popped up about a widower and his dating escapades.

The minute I read his blog, my mind started whirling. It was a fun read, I won’t say that I’m as interesting as him but then I started thinking that he had left this THIS out in the open for anyone to see. The idea that some random a** person would read what I wrote about my menial life and relate to it, maybe giggle about it a little bit was so thrilling! I wanted to do it too.

I started brainstorming what I want to talk about. Like I said, I don’t really have any interesting interest. I also don’t travel, nor, give a f*** about trends or news or give any meaningful knowledge about anything. I can tell you about my mundane-not-so-mundane life? Or share stories about my past that I’ve told a few colleagues that seemed to sell?

I have so many things I wanted to share and I just have to make sure I can find the right words to tell them as eloquently as possible. I also thought of committing on writing this blog every weekday (yes, while I’m at work) since I think I’d be more productive. I’d think of a theme on each day of the week so I can tell different stories and make it more interesting. I am not sure if reading a 24 (almost 25) year old blog about her mundane life is as exciting to you as it is for me but I am ecstatic. I have always wanted to write and I was just wondering what I could write about. I just suddenly came to the realization that I can write about mother f****** anything!

The world is my oyster!

I can write about being a f****** goldfish who eloped with an unworthy salmon and no one would dare to correct me! Because it’s my story and not anyone else’s.

Nonetheless, I would try to account for all my stories to be as honest and true. I do have the internet’s anonymity in my hands and I have the power to hide all (or few) of the people I’d talk about in different names/gender/entity/etc.

Writing has always been my passion too. I always wanted to be good at it. As far as I’ve read about people writing, their common advice was: KEEP WRITING!

And I believe that keeping this blog and updating it daily would improve my writing prowess. The only downside is I started this blog on a Friday. Which means I would have to update on Monday, upside, it would allow me to think about what I can write about on the next few weeks. Probably some adult stuff, experiences and other general ugh stuff that I go through the daily.

Well, I’d have to cut these post short so it doesn’t drag on. LOL

I also can’t believe I am saying this (actually I could) but I cannot wait for Monday.




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